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Sams & Associates Announces 20th Anniversary of Claims Partnership
Granite Bay, California - January 6, 2011 - Donald K. Sams & Associates, Inc., a leader in providing quality independent claims adjusting, today announced their 20th anniversary. They have been driven by a simple yet crucial idea. A claims handling system that addresses the clients need in the most efficient and effective way is the only way to run a business. This idea has lead to partnerships with many of their clients that began 20 years ago.

Since 1990, Sams & Associates has evolved from a one-man operation covering Emeryville, California and surrounding areas, to a thriving business covering all of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

“Sams & Associates started out 20 years ago in my accountant’s borrowed conference room. It has grown steadily into a business offering a full range of adjusting services in four states. We will soon expand into two more states in the next six months,” said Don Sams, President of Sams & Associates. “We are all very proud of this accomplishment. I’m extremely grateful to our customers and employees who helped get us here.”

Sams & Associates was founded in 1990 by President, Donald Sams. He brought his unique loyalty to customer service, strong business sense and a determination to surpass all expectations.

The company has since grown to include various managers, each bringing their own unique talent to the table. Bob Lund, technology prowess and financial know-how; Chet Davis, business expansion and employee development; Steve Anderson, sales and marketing savvy; Jean Britz, systems and customer service expertise; Jim Devard, HR procedures and director of the CalVet program.

“Combine the diverse management’s expertise with our entire team’s dedication to customer service and continued learning, and you have an unstoppable team. A team determined to provide quality claims service to our clients,” stated Don Sams. “No matter how much our geographic coverage increases to meet the needs of our clients, we remain with the same philosophy, ‘we treat you as if you were our only client.’ I accredit Sams & Associates’ 20 successful years in business to this philosophy.”

Sams & Associates is a leading independent insurance adjusting firm serving California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Sams & Associates investigates, inspects and adjusts all types of commercial and residential property and liability claims. Sams & Associates has the required licensing and experienced staff for SIU insurance investigations and administration.

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