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  • Sams & Associates, (800-566-7267) is the leading Independent Insurance Adjuster serving Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon Texas, Colorado Utah, and Washington state. SAMS provides multi-line insurance claims adjusting and fraud investigation.
  • Contact Information for Sams & Associates. Phone: 916-786-SAMS (7267), Toll Free 800-566-SAMS (7267), fax: 916-786-4660, Toll Free Fax 888-314-SAMS (7267). Address: 4080 Cavitt Stallman South Rd, #100, Granite Bay, CA 95746
  • SAMS & Associates have expentise multi line insurance adjusting experience.The team has on average over 27 years of experience.
  • Our Services, Expertise, and Guarantee. Our staff handles all aspects of liability claims investigations and resolution and all residential property and commercial property exposures and claims adjusting. Your claims, done right, guaranteed.
  • Sams & Associates provides multi-line independent insurance adjusting service coverage throughout all of California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington State using the best adjuster for your claims, but billing locally.
  • Sams & Associates is the leading California & Nevada Insurance Adjuster, providing insurance adjusting claims service since 1990. Headquartered by Sacramento, we also provide SIU and fraud investigations.
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  • Article from the Sacramento Claims Association News Network newsletter December 2008. Don Sams is a larger than life dynamo who becomes the epicenter of any group. His engaging cackle will often emanate from the largest clutch of folks in the room who are drawn to his warmth, humor and genuine humanity. He is not a cuddly person but he does disseminate a respectful caring for his fellow imperfect humans. Quick-witted, he often questions people in a rapid-fire style that can lead an ill-prepared petitioner to stutter to try to keep up ...
  • Article from Sacramento Claims Association News Network newsletter November 2006. The ongoing theme of this feature is experience in the insurance industry, and the subjects of this month's feature have years of expertise to utilize and share. They are the management team of Sams & Associates, an independent adjusting firm that has gathered these professionals to direct the operations of a network of offices and resident adjusters throughout California and Nevada. They are a group that works hard and likes to have fun. Family is an important part of all of their lives and in fact, they consider the Sams associates to be a "family" in the emotional sense. We talked one day in their newly expanded office space about the insurance industry and the role of independent adjusters in today's quickly changing business world ...
  • Mentoring others is one of the most valuable things we can do and being mentored is a gift to treasure. Throughout my career there have been people to whom I owe a great debt of gratitude.
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